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What are Swap Rates in Forex trading?

A swap rate in forex trading is defined as the overnight interest rate gained or charged from a holding position. Swap rates are determined by the differential between the country currency pairs and whether the position order is placed as long or short position.

What you should know about Forex Swap Rates?


Swap Rates are only for positions held overnight.


Financial instruments may differ by their countries interest rate to determine the swap rates are either positive or negative for long and short positions.


Swap Rates can be received/ or charged from the server time, the minute from 23:59 to 00:00.


Swap Rates are calculated in points from the trading platform MetaQuote provides. The conversion for swap rate will be automatically converted into your base currency amount.


Each financial instrument pairs has its own rollover fee, and is measured by 1 standard lot size (or 100,000 units)


Swap Rates are either received/ or charged triple its rate on Wednesday nights (Server time), and indices are received/ or charged triple its rate on Friday nights (Server time).

How are Forex Swap Rates Calculated?

Forex swap rates are calculated by the equations below:

(Price * Lot size * (Swap Long or short %))/ 365 = Quote currency Swap long/or short Rate

Requires to convert quote currency swap rate to your trading account currency to get actual trading account swap rate.

Example 1

If trader A trade a long position on AUD/USD

Trader A Account currency: USD
Example Price = 0.74550
Trade Size = 1 lot (Contract Size: 100,000 units)
Example Swap Rate for long position: -2.41

(0.74550 * 1 * (-2.41%) / 365) = -$3.27 USD

Swap rate for AUD/USD with 1 standard lot size is equal to -$3.27 USD per rollover.

Example 2

If trader A trade a long position on AUD/USD

If trader B trade a short position on GBP/USD

Trader B Account currency: GBP
Example Price = 1.25550
Trade Size = 3 lot (Contract Size: 300,000 units)
Example Swap Rate for short position: -2.28

(1.25550 * 3 * (-2.28%) / 365) = -$2.35 USD

Swap rate for GBP/USD with 3 standard lots size is equal to -£1.87 GBP per rollover.

***The information provided above is for reference use only.

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