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What are indices and index trading?

An index is a way to measure the performance value of a group’s financial assets, in this case a list of publicly traded companies and their stock prices. You are able to find the top world known indices pairs over here at Sky Alliance Markets like US30 with largest overall performance companies in the US and even more.

To determine the definition of Index Trading is defined as the bid (selling) and ask (buying) positions of a specific selected stock market. Investors will speculate on the price action of an index whether it may rise or fall to determine their action to place a bid or ask order.


SymbolsContract SizeMinimum lot sizeMaximum lot sizeLeverageStop-Out Level
JPN22510.180Up to 100:150%
AUS20010.180Up to 100:150%
CHC5010.180Up to 100:150%
EUSTX5010.180Up to 100:150%
FRA4010.180Up to 100:150%
GER3010.180Up to 100:150%
UK10010.180Up to 100:150%
NAS10010.180Up to 100:150%
US3010.180Up to 100:150%
US50010.180Up to 100:150%
HK501180Up to 100:150%
HSCHKD10.180Up to 100:150%

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