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Withdrawal Method

As a Sky Alliance Markets customer, you are able to get access with a secure client portal that only belongs to you. You can get access to all your withdrawal options securely without any hassle.

Our Sky Alliance Representatives will get to your application within 24 hours.


Login to SkyPortal


Click “Withdraw Funds”


Fill in withdrawal details


Submit your request


  • If the withdrawal details submitted by the owner of the account from Sky Alliance Markets are not same or identical with the information provided during the opening account KYC process. Sky Alliance Markets has the full authority to return the fund back to the investors trading account, until the investor is able to provide a genuine document match exactly to their KYC document.
  • Sky Alliance Markets do not charge any withdrawal fees. If any fees are charged, please refer to your banking institution.
  • If withdrawals are made by Bank Wire Transfer (International), it may take 2-5 business days.
  • Due to ad-hoc or unforeseen matters caused by the bank. Withdrawal time may take a bit longer. Please do get in touch with one of our Sky Alliance Markets representatives and our team will keep you updated on the matter.

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