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Forex Trading

Forex trading is a price speculation of one country’s currency against the other. The Forex market has always been the largest financial market in the world with a turnover of 6.6 trillion dollars on average daily.

Major Currency Pairs

SymbolsContract SizeMinimum lot sizeMaximum lot sizeLeverageStop-Out Level
EUR/USD100,0000.0180Up to 400:150%
GBP/USD100,0000.0180Up to 400:150%
AUD/USD100,0000.0180Up to 400:150%
NZD/USD100,0000.0180Up to 400:150%
USD/JPY100,0000.0180Up to 400:150%
USD/CAD100,0000.0180Up to 400:150%
USD/CHF100,0000.0180Up to 400:150%

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